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    A wet Rutherglen winter with both rain and wine!

    Our first winter in Rutherglen was a wet one. The wettest on record. Paddocks turned into pools and roads into rivers! Our friends the butchers could even go fishing on their road! One thing’s for sure - we no longer have the worry of killing...

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    Mishaps, Muscat and my Crepe idea!

    We are now 3 months into B&B hosting and many of my friends and followers in the social media realm view glimpses of my perfectly poached eggs and batches of tasty cookies...

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    Welcome to the very first Amberesque B&B blog!!

    Welcome to the very first Amberesque B&B blog!!  We have almost completed the first month since kick-starting Amberesque B&B and coming on to 3 months as residents of Rutherglen!   So, what's the first few months been like?   The day that I arrived in Rutherglen to exchange keys...

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    Mechanical Misadventures and Christmas Scottish Treats!

    Our 2nd week travelling in our camper van was our last week touring around Scotland. You’d think after 6 weeks we would have had our Whiskey fix by now, well not yet… we were just getting warmed up! We made a impromptu diversion to Speyside –...

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    Non Parlez-Vous Francais!

    After careful consideration, we decided that we would still go to Paris. We have both already been there in our early 20’s – last time I went with my dear Hayman friends Casey, Lani and Stephen, where we spent most of our time eating our...

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    Project Haggis: Complete

    I have been saving my attempt to make Haggis for our last week in Edinburgh! What I really mean is that it has taken me 4 weeks to muster up the courage to make it. I also doubt the camper-van kitchen would be able to...

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    Terrible tripe and the troubles in Belfast

    We have just returned from a weekend in Belfast. With a turbulent past as well as being the home to the construction of the Titanic and Game of Thrones it was a fascinating place! First stop was the Titanic experience – this attraction was only opened...

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