Procrastibaking and the tail of the Ox!

Making sure we don’t settle into the daily Edinburgh grind, we ensure that we put aside time to play tourist. I would say both of our highlight so far has been the Britannia – Queen Elizabeth’s decommissioned super yacht. I think it was our combined...

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More whisky, more oats

We have now settled into our daily life here in Edinburgh. We are up at 5:45am to get ready for the day (we never really settled into the time zone here, so it’s not so bad) and leave home just as the sun is rising...

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Our first taste of Edinburgh

When Shan was given the opportunity to complete his final medical elective in Edinburgh and I to join him, I instantly thought up a challenge!! For anyone that knows me – knows that I relish a challenge. I was given a traditional Scottish Cookbook by...

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